Creating an Email Address

STOCKLii allows you to create emails from the Email section in the Account Administration.

Minimum Technical Requirements
Register a domain name or properly configure an external domain name.

Add an Email
Click on "Add an Email" and indicate the email address and choose a password.

Edit and Delete an Email
The "Pencil" and "Red X" allow you to edit or delete your email addresses.

The "Transfer" function can be used to create and modify an email. This feature allows you to tell STOCKLii to transfer all incoming messages to one or more email addresses by separating the addresses with a semi-colon ";". The "Delete After Transfer" box will delete the STOCKLii emails after they are transferred.

Auto-Response / Vacation
The "Auto-response" function activates an automatic reply to all incoming messages. You must indicate the subject and message to send.


Connecting to Servers
Incoming and outgoing servers require a Username / Password authentication.

  • Username: Your email address
  • Password: Your password
  • Incoming Server (POP):
  • Outgoing Server: (port 25 or 26)