Register a New Domain

STOCKLii allows you to register domain names from the "Domain Names " section in the Account Administration.

Subscription and Renewal Period
A domain name can be registered for 1 to 10 years. You can renew at any time. The renewal period will be added to the time remaining on the initial registration.

DNS Servers
It is recommended to use STOCKLiiís DNS servers to take full advantage of our hosting service. However, it is possible to use another host. Using STOCKLiiís DNS, you can manage A (host), CNAME and MX record.

Contact Information (WHOIS)
The contact information for your domain name indicates who it belongs to. If desired, you can use the STOCKLiiís contact information.

Is a Storage Plan Required?
It is mandatory to have a STOCKLii account to register domain names. But you are not obliged to subscribe to a storage space plan. It is possible to register domain names with STOCKLii and host them somewhere else.