DNS Management

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a service that establishes a correspondence between an IP address and domain name (or subdomain) and, more generally, to find information from a domain name.

If you use STOCKLii’s DNS servers (recommended when registering a domain name), the "DNS Manager " module will be available from the "Domain Names " section in the Account Administration.

DNS Manager
From this interface, you can add A (host), CNAME and MX Record. All records pointing to the STOCKLii IP can be used. For example, an A (host) www pointing to the IP will allow you to configure a subdomain.

A (host)
Maps a hostname to an IP address.

Lets you create aliases to a domain.

MX Record
Defines the mail servers for this domain. To use multiple mail servers, priority should be specified (0, 10, 20, 30, etc., 0 being a higher priority than 30).

External DNS
If you want to host your site with another host than STOCKLii, you can easily change the DNS servers from the "Domain Name " section in the Account Administration.