Link to an External Domain

What is it?

An external domain name is a domain name registered with another host other than STOCKLii. These domain names can be configured to host your websites and emails on STOCKLii while leaving them in other hosts.

Minimum System Requirements

1- Have access to the management of the external domain name.
2- Be able to edit DNS zones (A, CNAME, MX).

Configuration Example with Major Hosts

The configuration steps from one hosting service to another will be very similar. We selected popular hosting services as examples.

Configure an External Domain Name Registered with GoDaddy

GoDaddy Configuration

  1. Go to the management of the domain name.
  2. Configure Nameservers in order to use GoDaddy NS (nameservers Set -> I Want to Park My Domains)
  3. When step #2 (above) is processed by GoDaddy, open the DNS Manager with the "Launch" link.
    1. Change the IP of A (Host) @ to
    2. Remove the unnecessary A and CNAME
    3. Change the MX 0 for and delete the other MX

STOCKLii Configuration

  1. Go to the "Domain Name " in the Account Administration.
  2. Click on " Add an External Domain Name " and add the domain name.
  3. Change the "Points To " , by indicating the folder of your storage space that contains the website.
    1. The "Points To " will only appear when GoDaddy has processed the A (host) modifications.
    2. To add sub-domains (ex. www), click on "Add a Subdomain."
    3. Subdomains must be created in the A or CNAME of GoDaddy’s DNS Manager.
  4. To create email addresses, go to the "Email " section.
    1. Adding emails is only possible when GoDaddy has processed the MX modification.