Transferring a website to the storage space

Transferring a site to STOCKLii is simple. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Create the file

It all starts with the creation of a file on your STOCKLii storage space that contains the website files. You can create this file in any location of the space. We suggest creating at the root a folder called www and to create folders of your websites in that folder.

Step 2: Transfer files

You can transfer files from the STOCKLii Web access or via an FTP client. Your Administrator users will have access to all files in the STOCKLii storage and can execute the transfer easily.

Tips and Tricks

It is useful to create users called Users, and only give them access to the folder they need to manage the site. The site developers can connect to the FTP with these User accounts. This way, they will not have access to other folders and files in the storage space.

Step 3: Linking a domain name to a folder

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