HTTP (HTM Links)

HTTP access allows you to easily create links to files in your STOCKLii storage. The HTML links are what are most commonly used. This access method is an effective way to reduce the bandwidth of a website, publish large files on a blog/forum, send heavy documents via email, etc.

Step 1 - Enabling HTTP access

By default, this access method is not enabled, because it would be a security breach. Everyone can access the files, provided they know the links. Fortunately, you don’t have to activate this method on all of your files. You can ask technical support to allow access to a particular folder and its subfolders.

Step 2 - Create HTML links

Following the activation request, you will receive confirmation specifying the URL to use. An HTML link is written like this:
<a href='http://URL/folder/file.ext' target='_blank'>Link name</a>

  • The name of the link will be the text visible on your site.
  • Your users will click on this name to open the file.
  • URL will be provided by technical support.
  • The folder should be replaced by the files to go to in order to reach the file from the root folder.
  • file.ext must be replaced by the filename and its extension.
  • Giving simple names to files and folders is recommended. No spaces, accents or special characters.
  • target='_blank' means the file will open in a new window.