Secure Connection (SSL)

It is possible to establish a secure connection between your computer and STOCKLii. The FTPS (SSL / TLS) protocol is supported. An FTP client is an excellent connection method to establish a connection of this type.

The File Transfer Protocol over SSL, or FTPS, is a variant of the Secure FTP with SSL or TLS. It allows the user to verify the identity of the server it is accessed to, through an authentication certificate. It can also encrypt the communication.

Two modes are available:

  • FTP with SSL implicit encryption.
    The connection to the server is on port 990 (encrypted), the control port on which the SSL negotiation occurs. This approach is similar to the functioning of the HTTPS, as the SSL negotiation occurs when connecting.
  • FTP SSL explicit encryption.
    The connection is on port 21, the standard FTP control port and data transfer is encrypted.