Online storage - Online Hard Drive

With a virtual hard drive, you can access your STOCKLii storage as if it were on your computer. This requires installing and configuring the free software NetDrive.

Tips and Tricks

If NetDrive is not stable in your work environment, try the alternative WebDrive. This software competitor is a paid one, but performs well.

Step 1 - Download and install NetDrive

FD Canada’s online hard drive service requires the installation of free software NetDrive. First, download the latest version here: Downlaod NetDrive

Install it and accept the default options.

Step 2 - First launch of the software

You can now run NetDrive. You will see the following window.

  • Delete the Unix Public Sites, Companies and Universities folders by selecting them and clicking the Delete button at the bottom of the window.

    They were created during installation and are useless.


Step 3 - Configuration

You must enter connection settings to your online hard drive.

To do this:

  1. Click on New Site.
  2. In Site Name, enter the name you want to give to your configuration.
  3. Enter in Site IP or URL and 21 in Port.
  4. Select FTP from the Server Type dropdown list.
  5. Choose the letter you want to give your online hard drive in the Drive dropdown list.
  6. Enter your Username and Password in Account and Password, which you created when you subscribed to online storage. You can always change your username and create new ones
    by logging in to HYPERLINK ""
  7. If you would like your drive to be available as soon as Windows launches, check the “Automatic login when 7. system starts” box.
  8. If you want your hard drive to be available online when you startup Windows, check the Automatic Login When System Starts box.
  9. If you want your online hard drive to only be available when you launch NetDrive, check the Automatic Login When NetDrive Starts box.
  10. Click Save and then Connect.

Step 4 - Using the hard drive

Your online hard drive is now available. This disk is slower than the one in your computer. However, the online data is protected against fire, theft and natural disasters.

  • In Windows Vista it is in Start -> Computer.
  • In Windows XP it is in Start -> My Computer.
  • It is also accessible from Windows Explorer.